Imagine Peace!...

 When it comes to creating conflict or peace in this

 world, imagine your possibilities. Imagine your


(Remember: Peace on Earth begins with YOU…)



Please take a minute to pass this idea on to everyone you know who may take this idea into their hearts, and let’s make this grow into a real “movement” to promote a better and more understanding world for everyone! But, you may be thinking, how can YOU make an impact for bringing any meaningful peace into this world? If you think about “changing the world”, it is overwhelming, and you will quit before you even begin. So don’t think “global.” Don’t even think about changing your region or city. Think of something you truly CAN do. Think about your “Peace-Abilities” (your “abilities” to bring “peace” into this world) that are possible in your own personal life! Please read our “Participate!” and “Why Join Us?" pages for more ideas on what we are talking about. 


Each person is like a “tiny seed”, as in the photo at the top of this page. A few little “green shoots” may seem very limited in its ability to change anything. But tiny seeds grow, and when combined with many other “tiny seeds”, they can become a mighty forest! Never underestimate the power of a “single seed” to bring great changes to this world. The redwood forests of California all began with the tiniest “green sprouts”, but look at them now. There has never been a more important time to spread this word and concept, and to have the desire to bring peace into this troubled world than right now, today. Together let’s turn the “Imagine Your Peace-Abilities” concept into a movement for good that will sweep the world. And together, we can do this!


It all starts with you reading these words. What are your “Peace-Abilities” in our society? I know they are GREAT… if you just want them to be. So please pass this on to all your friends, family members, Facebook friends, Twitter “followers”, and anyone else who you think will have the eyes to read it, and the “soul and heart” to truly feel it. Together, we can make wonderful things happen. Everything in this world starts with a “dream.” Let’s dream this one together. Please feel free to copy/paste, post, or use this any way you like. Let’s just get this out to as many as we can, and truly make this movement grow!


This now belongs 100% to YOU. I like to see this becoming like the "blockchain", completely decentralized. Each person, each group, doing this in the way they see as best. One big community, yes, communicating with each other to bring about maximum results, when possible. But also each group creating THEIR OWN "identity", and carrying out their own special projects. Create your own "IYPA" club, community group, or after-school activity. BE CREATIVE, and make it truly fun to participate in! See what positive things can come from it.


I'll say it one more time. This truly now is yours, even as you read these words. Make it your own. That is the way I have seen this from the very start. But if you have any questions, please write and ask me whatever you like. My email is And my name is Jim.


             Thanks Everyone. Now get out there and make some good things happen! 







 ***And please don’t forget to go to our “Participate!” page, to see additional thoughts and ideas how you can personally become an important part of our “Imagine Your Peace-Abilities Community!” The world needs you now, more than ever before. I hope you will become a part of “spreading the movement” now too. Let’s get as many people around the world thinking this way, and only good things can come from it. But we need to do this TOGETHER! There is power in numbers. If people choose hate and war, that is what will inevitably happen. But if we all choose PEACE and compassion, then those wonderful things are just as surely to follow. What is your choice? Come on, everyone, let’s get this “movement” started!


**** Some have asked, “That is an unusual web-address. What exactly does ‘’ stand for?” “ET-ID” stands for “Enlightened Thinking-Important Decisions.” In other words, truly enlightened ways of thinking require making important decisions, every moment of your life. Will you choose the way of war and conflict, or will you struggle against those feelings and choose the ways of peace and understanding! It is always 100% your choice to make with every thought and action of each and every day that you are alive. So let’s make our little planet a better place for all of us. But we must do it together.