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Why Join Us?


I can hear some of you out there saying, “Yes, it seems like a pleasant enough idea, but how does it help me to be a part of it?” I guess that all depends on your way of seeing life. But you do not have to be “religious” to understand this concept. You could be Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, simply “Spiritual”, or just trying to be a good person in this world. The “label” really does not matter. Call it what you like, “Good Karma”, “What Goes Around, Comes Around”, “The Law of Reciprocity”, “Like-attracts-Like”, “As Above, So Below”, or simply having the joy of knowing you did something to make this planet a better place for us all to live. We all possess the ability to bring “positive energies” into our world.


Not everyone is born with remarkable “artistic-abilities.” Not all of us have been gifted with inborn “musical-abilities” or “mathematical-abilities.” But every human being on the planet was born with “PEACE-ABILITIES”! Every single one of you reading these words today can go out this very moment and put those “abilities” to work in this world. And you can do it without a single moment of training, special schooling, or even practice. These “Peace-Abilities” were there deep inside of you from the moment of your birth. I truly believe that you get back from this life, exactly what you put into it.


So why should you participate in our little “Imagine Your Peace-Abilities” community? Ideally I hope you will decide to join us simply because it is the right thing to do. But you can also see it as a way to “attract” wonderful, hopeful, loving, and very positive things into your own life. By each crime, and every kindness, we birth our futures.” That is a wonderful quote from a movie called Cloud Atlas. I think it says very important things about how we should live our lives each and every day. Help us to promote “Imagine Your Peace-Abilities” to your family, friends, community, and to anyone who you think may also enjoy being a part of it, and see what positive changes happen for you as well. It all begins with a single thought in your head and the desire to make this a better world, even if only in the tiniest of ways. Never think that acts and deeds are only meaningful if others do them. In fact, the good in this world, every time, begins in the exact same place… with you. So I hope you will join us today too. Please join us, and let’s make this the very best it can be.      


 -If you would like to help us to make this “peace movement” the very best that it can possibly be, please FULLY PARTICIPATE in this idea each and every day! Don’t just read the words and think they sound pleasant and positive. Participate in this idea with everything you do, everywhere you go, and with everyone you meet, everyday. My sincere hope is that everyone reading these words will decide to LIVE” THIS IDEA!!!Living Your ‘Peace-Abilities’” will not cost you a single penny, but with each thought, action, and “emotion” in your life you will truly be making this a better world.


And bringing those “abilities” to create “peace” into every moment of your day will soon become a completely natural part of your life too. You will soon wonder how you lived any other way. If each of you do that, and also help to spread this idea to as many as we can reach around the world, just imagine how many negative daily encounters can be changed into positive ones. So the greatest contribution you can make, is #1: “LIVE” THE IDEA! each and every day. And #2: SPREAD THE WORD. Let’s make this into a “world-wide movement” where thousands, and perhaps someday even millions, are thinking DAILY about “Imagining Their ‘Peace-Abilities.’” One tiny particle at a time, we can make it a happier and more peaceful world for us all.




- The words you read above are by far the most important ones. But if you want to go further, and if you have the ability to do so, we can always use a financial donation as well, to make even more of this possible. It doesn't matter to who, or where. Just helping someone other than yourself is what it is all about. Here are a few ideas to think about. If you can do ANY of these things, PLEASE take them, and do them!!! These ideas now belong to YOU, the person reading these words: 


 -The “ultimate dream” is to eventually have the money to do genuine “Humanitarian Projects” around the world. Projects such as scholarships to help young people in a variety of global locations to go to school, and even attend universities. Wouldn't it be wonderful to help special young people, who would never have the financial ability to do this any other way, to get college degrees to achieve their “dreams” as well! To help them to go on to “humanitarian careers” of their own! One young person that gets helped in this way today, could go on to literally help hundreds, even thousands more, in the future. What a wonderful “dream.”


-Supply “micro-loans” to the people in this world who need it the most! “Micro-loans” can completely change the lives of people and their entire families in truly inspiring ways. They can use those small loans (that no bank in the world would ever consider giving to them), to start small businesses. These “micro-loans” often can be as little as $200-$300 dollars. But that tiny amount of money can change lives in ways that are extremely heart-warming to witness. It literally “transforms” lives in such wonderful ways.


-Another idea is to create small “Children’s Libraries”, mounted on pushcarts, to get books directly to children in the poorest communities. It is a way to bring reading and learning material to children in areas where they do not have the ability to go to actual schools. These children have the same “hunger to learn” and develop their young minds, as the children from the wealthiest of families. And these children can become just as educated and capable as anyone else, if they only have ACCESS TO THE OPPORTUNITIES to be able to show it. If you have never seen these “push-cart libraries” on TV, they are enough to bring tears to your eyes as you see the little people gathering to enjoy their new books. With the cash to do it, these tiny carts can bring untold joy to so many, and even start some down a road of learning to much, much bigger things. Things that could eventually help entire communities. All with one small mind being given the ability to read, and "dream."




There are literally an endless number of projects that could be accomplished in this world. Wonderful ideas, and the desire do them, will never be the problem. The ideas and worthy places needing this work will always be there in abundance. 


So thanks again for anything you can do to make this “Imagine Your ‘Peace-Abilities’” peace-movement into the biggest success it can possibly become. It can only become a reality if we all combine our efforts to make it happen together. Please LIVE” THIS IDEA everyday. And thanks again for being a part of it.