Imagine Peace!...




We Truly Hope You’ll Become a Part of This “Movement” Too! You may be thinking, “I like the concept, but what can I do to really make any difference in this huge and troubled world?” First thing to remember: don’t think on a “global scale.” Don’t even think on a regional or city-wide scale. Think ON A COMPLETELY PERSONAL SCALE! You have the ability to bring peace into everything you do, each moment of each day, with everyone you meet, with every action you take, and with every word out of your mouth. You can choose “peace” or “conflict” with your wife, your husband, your children, your brother, sister, your friends, with total strangers that you encounter in the supermarket “check-out” lane, or driving down the highway. It is completely YOUR CHOICE. As you are simply walking through the park, do you see someone looking sad and lonely sitting on a park bench? Give them A SMILE and say, “Nice day today, isn’t it?” It will take you 2-seconds, and you may make their day much brighter with that simple and easy gesture of kindness.


In other words, your “Peace-Abilities” (your abilities to create peace), can be demonstrated each and every moment that you are alive in this world. Try your best toLIVE” THIS IDEA, not just think it. Try to feel it in your heart. Anything that truly “comes from the heart”, always has much more power than ideas that are simply in the mind. Together we can bring millions of “tiny droplets of peace” onto a parched and struggling planet. And a million “tiny droplets” will eventually grow to become “a vast ocean” of peace-bringing actions that can literally spread across the globe!


So, back to the original question we first asked at the beginning of this page. How can YOU help with all of this? Start by thinking about YOUR “Peace-Abilities”, and about YOUR “abilities” to bring a feeling of “peace and good-will” to every moment of the day with everything that you do. It will end up helping you, just as much as it will help others and the world. Try it for a day, you’ll see. Do you think this is too “simplistic”? Too “naive” to genuinely help with anything? Give it a try! What do you have to lose? It is completely free, and you can always go back to the way you were anytime you want. But you may like it! A few million new people thinking about “Imagining Their ‘Peace-Abilities’” each day, could truly make for a better and happier world for us all.


But we need to do this together. I hope you will join us and make this “movement” into a truly great one that reaches many, many people, all around the world. And for more ideas on how you can help, please take a minute to read our “YOUR Thoughts” page and “How You Can Help” page as well. The vast majority of the contributions we are looking for have nothing to do with money! Please have a look, and see what I mean.                                  


Take care everyone.        Jim Whitcomb - Director of “Jim’s Projects”-





 ***If you would like to “Participate!” in an even more direct and immediate way, here are a few ideas to bring some love and caring into this world today:


-To help orphanage kids in Asia: Please go to see our website at, and read about what we can do to bring

  positive changes into the little lives of the kids we desire to help in Vietnam,

  India, Indonesia, and Kazakhstan. You can help us to make these wonderful

  things happen! I hope you’ll have a look at it.


-To help children and animals in Spain: This is all about a wonderful idea that

  came to us from a special young woman in Madrid, Spain. It is about combining 

  an orphanage and an animal sanctuary to the benefit of all, the kids and the animals!

  It’s a beautiful and inspiring concept, and I hope you’ll have a look at it at It could bring real peace and joy to so many, if

   we could find the way to bring it fully to life. If you read about it, I know you

   will love it too.


-To help those in nursing homes, and with Alzheimer’s and dementia: We produced

  videos to help senior citizens for almost 20 years, and they have been benefiting

  and being enjoyed by thousands all across the USA and Canada since 1989.

  Please see to see more about how you can still

  bring some of this peace and joy into the lives of the seniors in your life. The beautiful

  sights and sounds of nature can bring great joy to all of us at any age! So if you have a

  loved one who may enjoy these videos, I hope you will have a look here as well.



One person can be a wonderful "pin-point" of hope and peace in this world. But together, as an "Imagine Your 'Peace-Abilities'" COMMUNITY, sharing our thoughts and idea with each other as we think of them, we can change from a "pin-point" of light, to a blazing SPOTLIGHT of peace and positivity in this troubled world! Please go to our members page and join us today, OK? All things in this world begin with a single thought, and with a single action. What you start in a tiny way today, may become something truly wonderful in the weeks, months and years to come. So please join us before leaving this site today, and let's see where this "movement" can go. And let's all find out... TOGETHER! Together, is how it can all truly happen.    Thanks again.