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A little about my projects

Posted by Olga Lustosa on September 9, 2014 at 1:55 PM

Hello everyone!

I've been trying to become a better woman and more committed to social and cultural issues in my city and also in my state. I am used to work on projects that need little help, political support to become reality. What do I do? Arrange meetings with these people with the Secretaries of government, so they have all possibilities to explain the project and their needs.

There are three projects that voluntarily I take part:

1 Project literary inclusion (help collecting books for the mobile library that a friend keeps in an old van that travels the poor neighborhoods of Cuiabá and it parks in each place for one day, so, children can read books, magazines e even watch short mivies.

2 I support the Indigenous  Yawalpiti in the Indigenous Park of Xingu (A very far place, over 1.200 km away from my city, but I go there every year. Invite politicians to visit the village, to get to know the ethnicity and see what they need from the government) . I also help them to expose and sell the handicrafts they produce.

3 In my work as Chief of Protocol of the Government, I hear people, bring them to the claims of the government staff, do crafts and I submit to the federal government, requesting support for local projects. I try to work for the common good, to carry out projects of poor people and so, they themselves run the projects.


On my way, I produce a movement for peace daily in my city. Participating in demonstrations of art and, sharing information about meetings on Government site and promoting good ideas that can make people´s life get an improvement.  

Peace in Brazil is very much linked to have work, to have means to produce and support the family.

I think everyone has a special ability to promote peace! Workind, donating, participating in projects that keep children out of streets.



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