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-The best possible way for you to help this idea to become an ever-expanding and developing “movement”, is to COMMUNICATE, WITH EACH OTHER! This is not about one person starting the “movement”, and the others simply wearing t-shirts, hats, and “watching from the sidelines.” In fact, it needs to be the exact opposite of that. That is why I have created this “blog page” that is open to any and all people who desire to participate in it. People of “like-minds”, like those who desire to join and become active members of our “Imagine Your ‘Peace-Abilities Community’”, need to “band-together” and become genuine friends. One person with positive desires can be very beneficial in this world. But A COMMUNITY of people desiring to be a FORCE FOR GOOD can be “exponentially” better! And that is my “vision” for what I hope and pray this will become.

Please consider posting your ideas on ways to move this idea forward, and on ways to “inter-connect” with each another. And probably most important of all, I sincerely hope that many wonderful long-term friendships will begin as people join and become a part of this “Imagine Your ‘Peace-Abilities Community’”. So please write your own blogs back and forth, think up new and creative ways to make this an ever-growing and expanding group of “like-minded” people seeking to make this a better and more peaceful world for us all.

And as important as anything, PLEASE JUST HAVE FUN WITH THIS! I want everyone to truly enjoy being a part of this “Peace-Abilities” experience. One person can be like a “pin-point of light” in this world.

But together, all of those little “pin-points” can become

“a powerful SPOTLIGHT” shining out into the universe! Please leave a message on our “YOUR Thoughts Page.” Whether that message is “deep and intellectual”, or “happy and light-hearted”, let’s just see what is on your mind.

Thanks again to everyone for being a part of this, and for sharing it with your friends too! The more members we have of this “Peace-Abilities Community”, the more we can accomplish. Let’s make this thing great.


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The heart of volunteering

Posted by Elaine C on October 7, 2014 at 7:35 AM Comments comments (0)

I am writing today about what volunteering means to me and how it has helped others in life.

My back ground is in health care and though I had to retire early from it due to injury, I have always wanted to still be involved in some way to help others.

There are so many ways we can be all involved, even if we are not physically cabable; and creating a positive network of people around the world via the internet is making huge differences to people`s lives. as with here.

I have volunteered in schools with helping young children to read, trained young cyclists so they become safe on our roads; collected for charities and the latest venture for me was Red Cross work (this sadly did not work out). Oh and cake sales for fund raising, such fun and a really good community spirit is felt in often isolated communities, where people do not always speak to each other.

The point is, there is a true sense of "feel good factor" in volunteering your time.

i have been delighted in receiving warm thank you cards and messages of support. You realise then that you are making a difference to someone.

i found an interesting article on volunteering and the benefits of it. Good for health too!

Hope you enjoy it!




A little about my projects

Posted by Olga Lustosa on September 9, 2014 at 1:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello everyone!

I've been trying to become a better woman and more committed to social and cultural issues in my city and also in my state. I am used to work on projects that need little help, political support to become reality. What do I do? Arrange meetings with these people with the Secretaries of government, so they have all possibilities to explain the project and their needs.

There are three projects that voluntarily I take part:

1 Project literary inclusion (help collecting books for the mobile library that a friend keeps in an old van that travels the poor neighborhoods of Cuiabá and it parks in each place for one day, so, children can read books, magazines e even watch short mivies.

2 I support the Indigenous  Yawalpiti in the Indigenous Park of Xingu (A very far place, over 1.200 km away from my city, but I go there every year. Invite politicians to visit the village, to get to know the ethnicity and see what they need from the government) . I also help them to expose and sell the handicrafts they produce.

3 In my work as Chief of Protocol of the Government, I hear people, bring them to the claims of the government staff, do crafts and I submit to the federal government, requesting support for local projects. I try to work for the common good, to carry out projects of poor people and so, they themselves run the projects.


On my way, I produce a movement for peace daily in my city. Participating in demonstrations of art and, sharing information about meetings on Government site and promoting good ideas that can make people´s life get an improvement.  

Peace in Brazil is very much linked to have work, to have means to produce and support the family.

I think everyone has a special ability to promote peace! Workind, donating, participating in projects that keep children out of streets.



Let's Get This STARTED!!!

Posted by Jim Whitcomb on August 10, 2014 at 12:25 AM Comments comments (0)

"A Journey of a Thousand Miles, Begins with a Single Step", as the old Chinese proverb tells us. Let this be "Step #1" of what I hope and pray will be a "journey" for MANY of us into a better world. Please leave a few comments, and my genuine desire is for the members of this website to become FRIENDS, "co-workers" on various projects that YOU come up with, and to just become a true "Imagine Your 'Peace-Abilities'" COMMUNITY! So let's get this thing started, and with God's help, I know it can go far.

                                                  Thanks for participating!    Jim of "Jim's Projects" -